Jordys Pride


Jordy I A Punk Rocker ... maybe some of the band simply played Toni Hawk on the PlayStation too often in the past, at least their songs would have fitted perfectly to the same soundtrack. The roots in 90s US-Punk are undeniable in any case. Over the years, JORDYS PRIDE developed their unmistakable sound with various influences from the rock scene. But the common denominator of the band was and is clearly punk rock.
The five-piece band was founded in 2006 and has now recorded its debut EP "Sheep In Wolfs Clothing". It was produced by Matze Lohmöller at Docmaklang Studio in Osnabrück. The result is 5 powerful, melodic and driving songs that finally bring to the record what JORDYS PRIDE are on stage: PURE ENERGY
"sheep in wolfs clothing" was released in digital form in February 2019. You can buy CDs at concerts and in our shop.




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