The WALTONS from Berlin are the cowpunk legend par excellence. Their story is long, we'll try to be brief.
Founded in 1983, the WALTONS set the first milestone in the genre the following year with their first release 'Here comes the real Western Rockabilly! The song 'Waltons Square' quickly became an anthem in the scene beyond the borders.

Live they quickly made a name for themselves as a charismatic concert act with an 'almost spiteful joy of playing' (Freiburger Stadtanzeiger).
Two legendary longplayers followed, 'Goin' Rodeo' (Korea/EFA Rec) and 'Thank God for the WALTONS (SVP Rebel Rec), until 1989 when the album 'Truck me harder' (SPV Steamhammer Rec) revolutionised cowpunk and even spent a short time in the charts.
At the same time, the WALTONS were one of the first bands to help establish the Wacken Open Air. In 1990 they went on tour in Germany with the 'Stray Cats'.
In 1991 the 'Thrust of the Vile' album (SPV Steamhammer Rec) was recorded in Nashville/Tennessee and produced by Jason Ringenberg. In 1992 'Remain in Rust' (SPV Steamhammer Rec) followed, produced by Charlie Bauerfeind, again innovatively making history.
The collaboration with SPV ended in 1995 with the cover album 'Essential Country Bullshit', on which Bela B from the 'Ärzten', among others, performs the Dolly Parton classic 'Stand by your man'.
In 1996, the WALTONS composed a requiem for band, choir and orchestra for the Berlin Symphony Orchestra and performed the premiere with the symphony orchestra as 'Gang of Wrath' in the Berlin Philharmonic Hall.

The WALTONS celebrated their comeback in 2004 with the groundbreaking legendary album 'The Spirit of Cowpunk' (Part Records) and the extensive German tour of the same name.
Four years later, they produced the album 'Western Cowpunk Association' with heavy metal icon Harris Johns.

In 2011, drummer Jani-Boy succumbed to cancer and the band was paralysed for three years.

Since 2014, the WALTONS have been operating with John-Boy's son Marlon as drummer and are still an absolute bank live.
2018 heralded a new phase. In the Thommy Hein Studio in Berlin, their current album with the extremely appropriate title 'Back in the saddle' was created, which we finally released in April 2018.
Gigs at the Wacken OA, at the Werner Rennen or at the Radio BOB Rockcamp were on the tour schedule.
Not only we are convinced that the WALTONS are back in the saddle, the reviews are downright recommending.

Wir wollen nicht unwähnt lassen, dass die WALTONS vor der Wende heimliche und nicht genehmigte Konzerte in der DDR spielten. Der Initiator Alexander Kühne beschreibt dies wunderbar und anschaulich in seinem Buch ,Düsterbusch City Lights‘, worüber in Zusammenarbeit mit arte, dem MDR, u.a. den WALTONS und natürlich Alex Kühne selbst eine tolle Reportage an Originalschauplätzen entstand, die im Juni 2019 veröffentlicht wurde.

A large part of the albums, singles and EPs of the last decades can be found in remastered versions on the digital platforms.

The Waltons end the year 2022 with their new single "Together We Stand" and two other songs. You can find them streaming everywhere from December.

John-Boy Walton: Gitarre/Leadvocal
Hatto Doc Walton: Bass/Vocal
Marlon Kid Walton: Drums/Vocal




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